• Tuesday, June 19th 9-10am
Learning how to read your knitting and fix mistakes isn't hard, but it does take some practice. Bring your swatches with live stitches to class and we'll work on picking up dropped stitches, and how to fix a purl that's supposed to be a knit... amongst others.
  • Worsted weight yarn 
  • Needles in corresponding size to gauge of yarn (US 7-8 preferred)
  • Handitool or small crochet hook, darning needle, locking stitch markers


PRE-WORK: Come to class having knit the following swatches. Each swatch should start with 25 CO and still have live stitches so do not bind off!

  • Garter - Knit every row
  • Stockinette - Knit RS, purl WS row
SKILLS: basic knit and purl stitches
FEE: $20