Mission Statement

Little Owls Knit Shop is a locally owned and operated yarn shop specializing in meeting the needs of knitters and crocheters through careful curation of delicious yarns and useful crafting tools.  Our mission is to supply high quality products and services while providing a warm and welcoming environment for individuals of all skill levels.  Little Owls offers group and private classes, hosts community events and looks to foster personal fulfillment through the creation of hand made items.

Our vision is to make Little Owls Knit Shop a favorite Little Yarn Shop and to educate and inspire the next generation of fiber artists.



Carey Pumo, Owner - Carey has been a crocheter and knitter since junior high school. As like many of you, she learned from her mother and both grandmothers. Her first knitting project was knitted leg warmers for her dog Pepper and although he didn't like them very much, that didn't deter her from continuing with the craft.  She has been a resident of South Central PA residents for over 20 years.  Prior to Little Owls, Carey owned and operated a custom bra-making business. A passion for sewing runs deep in her blood as well.  Carey is a Master Level II knitter under The Knitting Guild Association and is actively working through Level II.


Edna JenkinsEdna is a lover of all things fiber, having learned to sew at age 8 and to knit at age 14.  Sewing was a focus for much of her life, but she rediscovered knitting about 7 years ago.  Since then, her knitting needles have not been silent.  She is willing to try almost anything!  As she says, " We won't discuss the number of projects that I started, ripped it and then started again.  Fortunately, yarn is more forgiving of ripping it back than many fabrics that I've sewn!" Her advice to those that have also taken a long hiatus from this craft is: “ Pick up your knitting needles.  You will find that your brain has an amazing ability for retaining things you thought were lost.”  Edna is a Master Level II knitter under The Knitting Guild Association.  Find her on Ravelry at newfgal.


Joan Wingate Joan is a married mother of one and loves all crafts, but especially knitting.  She is also an experienced crocheter, having crocheted on and off since she learned as a young child.   Knitting has only been a passion for the past 10 years, but it is by far, her favorite craft.   Joan travels for her full-time job and loves to visit the local yarn shop wherever she is.   On Joan's knitting 'bucket list' ~ mastering laceweight!   Her love of community, photography, and knitting work well together. Find her on Ravelry as joan122 and on Instagram as jwingate122.


Lori Lynn Lydell - Lori Lynn Lydell is a native of Central Pa.  At 8 years old, she walked down the street with her mother and older sister to learn how to crochet from the little Italian grandmother who lived a few doors away.  She learned to knit in high school from the school nurse, who was the grandmother’s niece.  She ALWAYS has a knit and a crochet project in the works, but crochet is her “first love” of the two.  When people get frustrated or intimidated by a project or process, her favorite thing to say is, “You can do it!  It's just yarn!"